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"Since incorporating the SpamJammer, my email inbox feels the way it used to back in 1995, before spam took over the Internet. I only get the messages I expect and want and never need to worry about losing a legitimate message in some filter."
    -- Jimmy Morgan, President, Morgan Oil Company, Inc.

The SpamJammer Spam Blocking Service Is For Organizations Of All Sizes
That Are Serious About Eliminating Spam From Their In-Boxes.

Our managed email filtering service, via our hosted SpamJammer firewall, provides your organization with the anti-spam and anti-virus technology you need to reclaim your inbox. Signup today and see why customers are raving about the SpamJammer managed email service!

SpamJammer is a managed service that uses a patent-pending Protective Address Defense to block spam, viruses, DoS, and directory harvesting attacks, identify phishing attacks, and detect zombie machines and open relays. Total Control empowers users with unprecedented, proactive control over their inbox, assuring access for desirable correspondents, regardless of their content, and isolation for unwanted senders and content.

jammer diagram SpamJammer handles both inbound and outbound mail, blocking spam and viruses on our spam firewall servers before it even reaches your in-box.

SpamJammer gives your organization access to enterprise level email security technology without the headaches that can occupy the administration or the high cost. Now you can increase the productivity of your business or organization and provide all your employees with clean, spam-free and virus-free email. Current industry reports on email show that 1 in every 25 emails contains a virus while as much as 90% of all email is spam (New York Times, 12/6/06).

Would your business benefit from spam-free and virus-free email?

Here's what's included with the SpamJammer eMail System:

Features SpamJammer Features Benefits SpamJammer Benefits

Signup today and everyone in your organization can enjoy a pristine in-box and conduct business without wasting time on spam or having to worry about "digital assault and battery."

Most email security products rely exclusively on anti-spam filters to identify which messages are desireable and which are not. But the trouble with spam filters, as you likely encountered, is that they make mistakes. The SpamJammer is different. By using an innovative address-based perimeter defense in combination with traditional whitelisting and content based filtering, the SpamJammer ensures that the content you want actually arrives in your inbox, and everything else doesn't. This blended solution delivers email from legitimate senders, blocks spam, and dramatically reduces false-positives, while also blocking phishing, denial of service, and directory harvesting attackes. All of these capabilities are provided in a full automated Supplemental Address Management System (SAMS) that provides a high degree of configurability, enabling email administrators to provide the proper level of protection for different needs and user populations.

Address based protection...

The SpamJammer enables users to create supplemental addresses ''on-the-fly'' to protect their primary address from new sources of spam that might result from disclosures on the web, in print, or over the phone. The supplemental address model can also be fluidly perpetrated in a fully automatic fashion for all new correspondents, at the user's option

The net result of using supplemental addresses in combination with traditional defenses is highly beneficial. Customer data shows that the SAMS model reduces false-positives by an order of magnitude, while also limiting the incidence of challenge/response. By fractioning routes to one's inbox, the technology establishes a many-to-one relationship that permits the detection af address sharing and phishing exploits, and the organization and tracking of related correspondence, such as responses to marketing campaigns or surveys. By ''kicking'' mail before it reaches your email server, the SpamJammer also protects against denial of service and directory harvesting attackes.

Two addresses are better than one, three are better than two, and with the SpamJammer, users can extend this advantage as far as they wish for a pristine inbox experience.

We are so confident the SpamJammer will work for your business that we back it up with a no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee. Signup now!

Follow these links to set up your email client for SPAM Jammer.

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Get control of spam instead of letting spam control you!